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5 November 2009 Wenn man die alphabetisch sortierten Ergebnisse von der Webseite der Barbarossa-Therme extrahiert und nach geschwommenen Metern sortiert erhält man eine Liste mit 299 Teilnehmern. Die TOP 10 sieht folgendermaßen aus: siehe [mehr]   Kommentare (2598)
By Jan Helber
7 September 2008

Am 4. September erhielt ich eine SMS von Philip K. mit der Frage ob ich auch am 24-Stunden Schwimmen teilnehmen würde. Da ich das letzte mal vor 6-7 Monaten im Wasser war, befand ich mich natürlich in einem Top-Trainigszustand und antwortete einen Tag später selbstbewusst: "Danke für die Info zum 24h Schwimmen. Ich wusste davon gar nichts. Habe mich dann gestern Abend angemeldet. Gruß Jan"

Bewaffnet mit einem halben Kilo Schokolade, Bananen, Broten, isotonischen Drinks, Vaseline und einem MP3... [mehr]   Kommentare (86)

By Jan Helber
18 Juli 2008 South African Sunset
Southern Africa
Southern Africa is a place of contrasts. You will find everything from people (in undeveloped parts of the country) walking kilometers and kilometers or riding on horses (e.g. Townships, Coffee Bay and Lesotho) for water till luxury cars like AMG, Merecedes, Audi, Hummer and so on (e.g. Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria). Ther... [mehr]   Kommentare (137)

By Jan Helber
8 Juli 2008 Jan
Almost stabbed? (05.07.2008)
On my last Saturday in Bloem we went to B.I.C Press club in the Townships. Although we had to take a bit care about our cellphones and money in the pocket, the party was great like always.
After the party we called a cab and wait inside. After we saw the cab we left the clu... [mehr]   Kommentare (141)

By Chiara
17 Juni 2008

It's not easy to describe my amazing weeks in South Africa in a few words.
This holiday has been a mix of events, places, people and so different feelings that it's complicated for me to choose what I should write about and what not.

The first sensation that I felt when I was landing in Bloemfontein (after a trip of 29 hours from Stockholm) has been something like to be suddenly catapulted in "The Lion King" movie!
The Landscape was so flat and red, no house, no roads, not a trace o... [mehr]   Kommentare (830)

By Jan Helber
8 Juni 2008 Today I did the highest (or deepest?!) commercial bungee-jump:
  • jump number 19 of this day
  • 79kg
  • 216 meters

I had the best kick ever! It was freaking cool!

To watch the video within your browser (IE, Firefox, Opera...) follow this link...
To download this video to your harddisk [mehr]   Kommentare (60)

By Jan Helber
23 Mai 2008 Petri
Petri Leinonen
On Monday this week a guy from Finland named Petri arrived in Bloemfontein (SA). Since he gonna work in the same lab as I did, I showed him the facilities. After a wile he told me that he studied in Ulm (Germany) for one semester.
Suddenly he pointed on the screensaver of my laptop which was showing a picture of my ... [mehr]   Kommentare (70)

By Jan Helber
6 April 2008 Überhang
Blyde River Canyon (21.03.2008 - 23.03.2008)
In Sabie we stayed in the Billy Bongo backpackers. I have to say this and "Shonakona's" are till now my favorite backpackers. First of all we travelled along the Panorama-Route: Pinnacle Waterfalls, Bourke's Luck Potholes, Gods Window, Lowveld View and the 3 Rondawels. On the second day... [mehr]   Kommentare (120)

By Jan Helber
15 März 2008

Task List

That's how it works:

1. Go to a club (called "Mystic Boer" in my case)
2. Drink Brandy-Coke-Double for 250ZAR (25ZAR per glass)
3. Go to the toilet
4. Recognize that the others already went home (back at the dance floor)
5. Decide to go to another club just around the corner
6. Get mugged
7. Phone the parents at 4:30
8. Ask them to block the credit cards

I was on my way to the Music Pub (not far from Mystics). About 30 meters from a club called Sto... [mehr]   Kommentare (81)

By Jan Helber
4 Februar 2008
Gestern (03.02.2008) Abend waren Ich und Marc mal wieder in der Uni. Unglücklicherweise in der Zeit zwischen 17 - 20 Uhr... Irgendwann dazwischen muss dann der Wachwechsel der Securities gewesen sein. Der neue Security am Tor wurde wohl nicht darüber informiert, dass wir uns im Labor aufhielten und hat sicherheitshalber erst mal alle Eingänge abgeschlossen.
Als wir dann gegen 20 Uhr wieder gehen wollten kamen wir bei keiner der Haupt- oder Nebentore aus dem Gebä... [mehr]   Kommentare (90)